the company

PKF/Post is a strong family business, incorporated in 1964, where the 3rd generation now thinks with you about wood. The head office is in Finsterwolde, and we have a production site in Venlo. We work for the paper and cardboard industry, chemical industry, construction, food industry and for agriculture and horticulture. Pallets are used worldwide and made from different materials, but wood is the most common one.

As a manufacturing company PKF/Post can guarantee quality and service. Depending on the client’s requirements, we can reach drastic logistics agreements. The added value of direct contacts, it sounds so simple, but it’s useful to you, the client, because you know the job gets done. Maintaining stocks, 24-hour delivery, self-unloading drivers, trailer-exchange systems, delivery in processing order. The right pallet in the right place at the right time, that’s the PKF/Post promise. By fax or digital. Every order is processed quickly and accurately. Then the pallets go in production. Our machine park is fully digitally controlled.