the environment

PKF/Post is a highly environmentally aware company that goes beyond the compulsory statutory standards. Working with natural raw materials creates the obligation to manufacture with due care. On the work floor wood is processed as economically as possible, to ensure the percentage of wood waste is very small. The waste is reused where possible or separated for disposal. This environmental awareness exists throughout the company – from the Board to the production employees.

As one of the largest pallet manufacturers in the Netherlands, PKF/Post is member of many trade associations and has all the quality labels. The Netherlands Association of the Packaging and Pallet Industry (EPV) is the representative trade association in the area of wooden pallets and wooden packaging. The EPV promotes the interests of this industry in general and of its members in particular, in the social, economic and legal sphere. Trade association EPV

Stichting Markering Houten Verpakkingen, the Foundation implementing the Dutch Wood Marking Programme, is the organisation that regulates and checks the sterilisation of wooden packaging in the Netherlands. PKF/Post is registered with this foundation and therefore it is allowed to carry out heat treatment.

ISPM15 is the world standard in phytosanitary measures for wooden packaging to prevent the spread of vermin. It is usually compulsory for exports. With its own drying rooms PKF/Post is fully equipped to manufacture in accordance with this sterilisation standard.

The wood for pallets is only obtained from production forests. PKF/Post contributes to a natural balance, which means not cutting more wood than grows. Due to continuous planting and intensive forestry management, you obtain a stable situation. The pine that is used preferably has a FSC or PEFC quality label.