Delivery options

We offer our customers numerous options. For example, that we retain a specific customer’s buffer stock at our production locations, so that the pallets can be supplied on demand. It also occurs that we ourselves monitor the pallet stock remotely at our customers’ locations. We then ensure that the customer’s stock of pallets is automatically supplemented.

Specifically for the paper and cardboard industry, we have developed a smart process of ‘just-in-time’ pallet production and delivery. Pallets ordered in the morning can then be delivered in the afternoon. The pallets are machine produced in the appropriate dimension and in volumes from as little as a single pallet, and delivered to the customer by our own drivers. The delivery takes place in the customer’s required processing sequence.

Absolute delivery guarantee

Our logistic responsibility includes an absolute delivery guarantee (calamities excluded). We can offer this because we are not directly dependent on external sawmills for our wood stocks. We hold a large volume of dried long wood in stock at both our production locations Depending on customer demand, we can process this directly into semi-manufactured products for our pallet production machines, on our advanced planing-cutting mill.

We have a total of eight production lines in use in Finsterwolde and Venlo. Each line is in its own production hall, to guarantee production continuity.

Digital and error free

Pallet production is fully automated at PKF/POST, and therefore error-free. Digital orders from our customers are automatically linked to the in-house developed production software. This software makes us unique in the branch.

Various transport options

In order to achieve maximum efficiency, we make use of various truck combinations. We have 25 own trailer swap systems for example, but also extra heavy and long trucks (LHVs). These LHVs allow us to transport 50% more pallets per trip, thus saving 30% fuel. All our trucks are equipped with Euro-6 engines, the cleanest emission standard for combustion engines at present.