Schaaf-kort-installatie PKF/POST Pallets, voor houten pallets

About PKF/Post

PKF/POST is an independent family firm, founded in 1964. The head office is in Finsterwolde, with an additional production location in Venlo. Numerous western European markets can be served from these strategic locations in the northern and southern Netherlands, both of which are situated on the border with Germany. Employing a total of 150 people at the two production locations, PKF/POST produces six million pallets per year.

Wooden pallets

We produce wooden pallets for the food industry and feed industry, for the pharmaceutical industry, for the paper and cardboard industry, for the automotive industry, for the chemical industry and also for use in the construction sector and in agriculture and horticulture. PEFC (Programme for Endorsement of Forest Certification) certified wood from European production forests is our main production material.


Our corporate processes are driven by quality, customer satisfaction and efficiency. We have safeguarded this according to the ISO 9001 norm.

Thanks to continuous innovation, an advanced range of machinery and smart logistic solutions, we not only offer the best pallet in the market, but have also proven our ability to meet our customers’ requirements to their full benefit.

PKF/POST is the Netherlands’ number one pallet supplier.