Pallets voor food and feed

Superior quality planed pallets, optionally lined with a PE foil, machine glued to the pallet for extra protection of products on the pallet. The pallets are made from dried wood, without splinters and are 100% free from mould or any other pollutant. We only use calibrated or planed wood. Our pallets therefore have a constant quality, are fully flat and have absolute minimum dimensional tolerance. Perfect for use on automatic packaging lines with (de)stacking robots and transport robots (AGVs). Production complies with the HACCP and ISO 22000 systemen.

Pallets for pharma

The best possible pallets, often with machine glued PE foil for extra protection of your products. Made from dried wood without splinters. 100% free from mould or any other pollutant, and checked for protruding nails. PKF/POST Pallets only uses calibrated or planed wood, making the pallets completely flat and of constant quality. Optimised for use on automatic packaging lines with (de)stacking robots and transport robots (AGVs). Our pharma pallets surpass the branch standard.

Pallets for paper and cardboard

Calibrated pallets, precisely dimensioned for your products and production machines. Optionally lined with machine glued PE foil. Particularly suitable for use on automatic packaging lines with (de)stacking robots and transport robots (AGVs). Extremely short production and delivery times; from order receipt to delivery in only six hours. Stacked to any required height and fitted with (colour-coded) labels. Delivered by our own drivers and unloaded at your cutting machines in your choice of processing sequence. Fully digital – and therefore error-free – order processing, in combination with your ICT systems.

Pallets for automotive

Quality tailor-made pallets, made from calibrated wood and suitable for use in automated production processes. PKF/POST Pallets holds large stocks of long wood at its production locations. We then cut this to size for any required pallet dimensions. This allows us to react quickly to the varying requirements of our customers. For intercontinental export, we process heat-treated (HT) wood according to the ISPM 15 norm.

Pallets for chemicals

Customer-specific pallets that surpass the quality of CP standards, suitable for multiple use. With added value in terms of service and logistics. Dimensionally stable pallets, from your choice of dried wood and/or HT wood according to the ISPM 15 norm, making them suitable for problem-free global export.

Pallets for the construction industry

Strong disposable pallets, large or small, single or double deck and geared to the product and use. For stone, plasterboard or insulating materials, for example. Supplied from stock or produced per order. Large double-decker two-way pallets can also be machine produced.

Pallets for agriculture and horticulture

Functional pallets, geared to the product and use, for the potato, vegetable and fruit sector, for example. In any required design and quality, and suitable for intercontinental export (HT according to the ISPM 15 norm).


For example pallets in odd sizes and with specifications, logistics agreements or non-standard volumes. But always of the quality described above in the various product groups.