All PKF/POST employees work in order to enjoy a comfortable life. This makes it logical that we ensure a comfortable workspace in a pleasant environment. And that environment extends much further than simply our home and work area.

Security and safety

Both our production locations – Finsterwolde and Venlo – are located in the periphery of the Netherlands and are characterised by a sense of local pride. It is due to this pride that there is great involvement in everything we think and do. A good character trait for corporate social responsibility.

We offer our employees security and a safe and ergonomically responsible workplace. Outside the factory gates, we contribute to the welfare of residents in our work area. Via financing and facilities, we support local organisations, (cultural) activities and charities.

Employees, region and branch

This means that we take a conscientious attitude to our living environment and that we care about everything and everyone connected to us. On a small scale in our direct facility, but also in the larger picture of our world. We feel a sense of responsibility for a sustainable future, and believe this to be a shared responsibility for our entire branch. We therefore play an active role in stimulating a sustainable frame of mind and action throughout the production chain.

PKF/POST Pallets is on the board of the The Dutch Packaging & Pallet Industry Association (Dutch: EPV). For the past 70 years, this association has been the branch organisation for producers, traders and repairers of wooden pallets and packaging materials. The EPV protects the interests of the branch in general and of its members in particular.

Nederlandse Emballage- en Palletindustrie Vereniging