The Netherlands' largest pallet producer

With a production of six million pallets per year, PKF/POST is the Netherlands’ largest pallet producer. More than 30% of all the pallets produced in the Netherlands comes from the PKF/POST production locations in Finsterwolde and Venlo.

From an environmental point of view, PKF/POST mainly uses dried wood. The 30% weight saving makes this a more sustainable option than the transport of fresh wood..

Besides manufacturing pallets, logistics is very much embedded in our company genes. We supply a total logistic concept. We ensure that the right pallets are delivered to the right place at the right time, and in the required processing sequence, ready for use in your production process.

Moreover, we offer 100% delivery guarantee!

  • Best pallets on the market

  • Fully tailored to customer requirements

  • Made from planed or calibrated pre-dried wood

  • 6 hours from tailored production to delivery

  • Competitive price

  • 100% delivery guarantee

Our pallets for


New trucks and trailers in Venlo

We have entered into a contract with a new transporter for our Venlo branch: E3 International Delivery & Taxi Services in Grubbenvorst. This transport company already occasionally made deliveries for us, but is now the exclusive transporter of our pallets…

New production line in Finsterwolde

A new production line is under development at the Finsterwolde branch. Once this new line is complete, it will enable a considerable increase in capacity, which is essential in order to meet the growing demand for the quality PKF/POST pallets….